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Sree Narayana Gurudharma Trust

Sree Narayana Gurudharma Trust, now a firmly established organization was formed by a group of philanthropic followers of Sree Narayana Guru. The trust is involved in various charitable and social activities based on the strong teachings of Sree Narayana Guru. It takes great interest in organizing various programs like camps, personality development classes, PSC coaching classes and pilgrimage for the whole society as a part of social service and entertainment. The trust also coordinate various programmes like health check-up camps, distribution of study materials, onam kits etc. The trust even reaches towards struggling people and puts an effort for their financial raise and helps their kids to attain higher education. 


We have a very strong perspective to achieve our goals one by one. Our organization has two aspects,a welfare aspect and a business aspect. On one hand, we do business and attain profit and on the other hand we raise money for those in need.


our vision is to nourish a new generation of excellent citizen with good culture, modern and forward thinking and attitude by providing excellent education, financial and healthcare guidance to the society, which adds to this dynamic and competitive world. we also inspire and elevate the society by spreading the teachings of the great social reformer Sree Narayana Guru, which is crucial for the mankind to lead a prosperous life

Mala Gurudharmam Chits Ltd, Gurudharmam Nidhi Ltd and Gurudharmam Fincorp, the financial wing of Gurudharmam promotes and stands for the financial upliftment of the society. We offer loans at very low interest rates of 3.5% per annum to our customers.

Gurudharmam Mission Hospital Ltd, a hospital company under the healthcare wing of Gurudharmam, provides healthcare supports to the society. The trust aims at establishing many diagnostic centers and laboratories at various places under the leadership of the hospital company to spread its health care activities all around.

Gurudharmam Trading Company Ltd, the upcoming venture aims at establishing showroom outlets of Home appliances and jewellery. Through this company, we associate our purchase schemes like Swarna Nidhi, Griha Nidhi and Grihopakarana Nidhi of our Finance wing.

The educational activities are planned to be provided by opening many educational institutions like a Nursing college associating Gurudharmam Mission Hospital Ltd, Arts and Science college and Residential schools. The trust is also providing educational loans to the needy and eligible candidates for their studies through the finance wing of Gurudharmam.

Our Management

We have strong management team who all can accomplish the developments scenarios for Gurudharmam Trust.



Mr. PK Sudish Babu, a post graduate from Kerala Verma College, Thrissur, was an activist of democratic student’s movement in Kerala and was a victim of brutal atrocities right from the emergency period of 1975 in India. He is also a fellow traveler of democratic socialist movement of India and a fighting cadre for social justice of downtrodden people of India. He is the founder chairman of Sree Narayana Gurudharma trust and is the Managing Director of the Gurudharmam Group of companies. He is a well experienced business-man with great innovative ideas and visions. He was born in 1960. He started his carrier in a very humble manner, and he has grown by sheer hard work, dedication and perseverance. Through his business he has helped all his customers to attain growth in status and wealth. His humanitarian views and empathy have brought him success and glory. He is a man who follows the teachings of Sree Narayana Guru in his life. He aims at creating developments in the society, by providing quality education, healthcare and financial assistance to common man.



Mr. PK Sabu, who is a pass out from Christ college irinjalakkuda in 1974 joined the Union Bank of India in 1976 and retired from the bank in 2013 as the assistant manager. He is a true follower of Sree Narayana Guru Right from his childhood and has held positions of president and secretary in the local SNDP unit during his early times. Presently he is the vice president of Mala SNDP Union and also he is the secretary of Sree Narayana Gurudharma Trust for the fourth term. He is a man with great business views and tactics and hence he is the promoter of all the business and welfare activities of Gurudharma trust.


Mr. KV Raju

Joint Secretary

Mr. P R Raghavan

Vice Chairman

Mr. Karnal Singh


Mrs. P.S.Shainy


Mr. V.P.Babu


Mr. K.C.Radhakrishnan


Mr. T.V.Nanappan


Mr. Udayakumar


Mr. P.S.Shine


Mr. Babu Shanthy


Mr. I.G.Bijoy


Mr. Binesh.K.K


Mr. C.V.Vijayan


Mr. K.K.Sathyaprakash


Mr. A.P.Balan


Mr. P.N.Vidyadharan


Dr. Apsaraj

Snr. Business Analyst & Healthcare Quality Professional

Mr. E.P.Rajeev

Kerala Kaumudi Reporter