About Gurudharmam Trust

Sree Narayana Gurudharma Trust is an organisation formed by a group of visionaries and true followers of Sree Narayana Guru, to carry forward the teachings and philosophies of Guru, in the year 1998. With more than 20 years of experience, the Trust’s functionality has always remained true to the ideology of the Guru.

SNGDT has always strived to imbibe Guru’s principles in its endeavours with utmost devotion and insight to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity for all. Our business ventures create profits which will seed the numerous welfare schemes for those in need.

The collective aims to revitalise the socio-economic culture by creating employment prospects, revolutionising artisan and trade sectors, alongside achieving excellence in educational and medical avenues. With the active participation and collective cooperation of our folk, we can bring socio-economic equality as envisioned by Sree Narayana Guru.

Gurudharmam activities reflect two aspects; a welfare aspect and a business aspect.

SNGDT was created to uplift the Sree narayaneeyam community by providing a sound infrastructure to grow spiritually and dynamically. Sree Narayana Guru foresaw a need for our community to develop business acumen, which would bring financial independence and social growth.

Keeping this in mind, SNGDT is now establishing a business network with its foray in the financial and trading sectors. This will help our community to flourish in business. By setting up centres of education and healthcare, the trust seeks to provide guidance to the sreenarayeeya community, which will propel the group into this dynamic and competitive world.