Being a true believer of Sree Narayana Guru,

I want to bring together the sree narayaneeyam community, from all walks of life, to work collectively in achieving sustainable growth and prosperity.

In all the different ventures of SNGDT, be it finances, retail, healthcare, etc., transparency and honesty is strictly adhered. All our efforts are to empower our folk with the means to attain self sustenance and financial independence.

Our primary objective while starting financial services was to provide quick hassle free monetary solution for our people. With minimum paperwork and quick processing time, innovative value based products have been launched, keeping only the interests of our customers in mind.

Similarly, our foray into healthcare and education was to provide the best service to our community. With the Gurudharamam Mission Hospital ready for inauguration, we are giving the people the best healthcare facility in Mala. Patients can avail of medical treatment via all govt insurance schemes as approved by NABH and IRDA.

With our ventures in retail sector and trading, we are bringing economic stability and growth to narayanneyam community as envisioned by our Guru.

Being a successful entrepreneur myself, I would like to lend a hand to our community members in achieving self sustenance and growth

my vision to bring together active participation of Guru’s followers for creating employment and business prosperity and achieving excellence in educational and medical avenues.