Mala Gurudharmam Chits Ltd

The flagship company, was made public in the year 2010.The company runs Chit-fund business under the strong guidelines of "The Central Chit-Fund Act.

Why Chit-Fund?
A Chit is the Only Financial Product that allows you to Save and Borrow.
The non prized subscriber who is a saving member up to the last installments gets dividend which is comparatively higher than the interest that are accrued by way of Recurring Deposit Schemes.
The purpose of drawing the prized amount need not be disclosed. It can be used for any need by the member
CHIT provides a good source of finance for different type of people viz., small investors, businessmen, small scale industrialists etc.

SERVICES (All schemes are charted under Chit/Kuri) 

Chitty Loan| Vehicle Loan | Personal Loan |Trade Finance |Housing Loan| Pass Book Loan| Fixed Deposit Loan


Eligibility for this advance:

A non-prized chitty subscriber, without any default in remittances of instalments, are eligible for a passbook loan, the ceiling of which is based on certain discounts from the paid up amount in the respective chitty.

No security is required.

No security, other than the passbook is required for the advance. 


If you have been customer of gurudharmam, with a good track record, for one year or more, you are eligible for the advance.

The maximum amount of advance is Rs.25,00,000/- under this category.

The maximum duration of advance is 60 months.

The interest rate is 12.25% (yearly diminishing) and for defaulted accounts 18% p.a. 

Directors of Mala Gurudharmam Chits are